Imprisoning reality one picture at a time


Hello Sunshine

Before Beauty IIBeauty is in the eye of the beholder…  Today Ruth and I spent some time at Mounts Botanical Gardens in West Palm Beach.  This little oasis is next to the PBI airport and is full of beautiful plants and flowers.  I would never imagine we could get so many cool pictures there.  How beautiful will all the flowers be in the Spring?

This odd-looking thing is a flower waiting to pop into nature.  I guess that is something they share with butterflies.


Santa’s little helper…

Santa's little helper
Today I spent a little time taking some pictures for our holiday cards.  Of course,  things did not go as planned and I found myself begging Aidan to pose for the pictures.

I am not a person that completely enjoys the Holidays but they are really something special once you have kids.  As soon as Aidan saw the Christmas tree he was asking for the gifts and he was saying that he was a good boy 🙂

He finally started playing on the floor and I saw the lights reflected on the floor.  I was playing with my new lens,  what a joy!

Birds of Feathers

Macaw by Mary Piret
Macaw, a photo by Mary Piret on Flickr.

Sometimes you discover you may be good at photographing subjects you are not particularly interested in. That is the case of birds. I am not really interested in birds but for some reason I sometimes take good pictures of brids. I am still not good at photographing moving subjects so portraits will do. Also, I was thrilled to realize I am getting better at capturing backgrounds and having an idea in my mind how they will look in the final print…

Backyard tourist

Downtown West Palm Beach
Sometimes we forget how beautiful is the place where we live.  I took a day off from work and decided to do some backyard tourism.  I went to the Flagler Museum in West Palm Beach and tried to look at the place with my tourist eyes.  It was a beautiful day and took many pictures despite the harsh light.  A perfect date for me and my 7D.   I took this picture with my Tamron 10-24 wide-angle lens.  A gradient ND filter helped to enhance the sky and clouds.

Ipad dreams a.k.a Follow your gut feeling, follow the light!


Ipad dreams I

Our daily ritual is to play with the “Ipap” every night before we go to bed.  I am a reader and before the Ipad we used to read stories…  We play with educational apps,  lately fragments of movies.  I am not too concerned is not a book,  they will be around,  in electronic format.

I was with Aidan on his bed and I noticed how the light from the Ipad reflected on his face.  I though how cool would it be to get a picture of this exact moment,  so unique and intimate.  Then I thought there is not enough light!  I almost  discarded the idea then I thought twice… That is why I spent all that money, didn’t I?  In any case it wouldn’t be the first time I get a lousy shot.  I got my camera and played,  and played, and played!  Different lenses (I used my nifty fifty thinking 1.8 aperture would help), I changed ISO…  He was not looking at me at all, and all from a sudden I got the right combination!  The gods of light, technique and composition got together and magic happened! 

Canon 7D, Canon 17-55mm f2.8 IS, @ 20mm,  1/15, ISO 3200, f2.8

Sometimes you do not know what you have…

Bird IV I took this bird shot with my old canon XSi.  We went to Magic Kingdom in Orlando and while waiting outside one of the rides Michael and Aidan were feeding some birds.  I used one of my favorite lenses, the Canon 55-250mm.  It is a great lens for portraits outdoors with lots of light. You cannot beat it for the price!  I almost forgot this shot until I uploaded to Flickr yesterday after looking for old shots with this lens.  I was so impressed with the quality of the picture!  I was getting so used to my XSi camera and getting decent shots.  I now have a brand new 7D and this time I am taking the time to know the features and learn to use it.  It is such a machine that sometimes I feel like I am riding a wild horse!

Behind bars

Behind the barsI am originally from Venezuela and I visit my family as often as I can. This time I decided not to take my camera and used my brother’s new camera instead.  Crime is not joke there, all houses have bars everywhere, some even have electric fences on top of high walls.   It is very sad to live in a place where you do not have a basic level of security. Porlamar is better than other cities like Caracas, but little details reminds me the hostility of a place.  Even when I was a little girl we had bars in the apartment windows.  Home break-in is a common crime there.  I just saw my nice standing in front of the bars,  such contrast between the softness of a kid and the harsh vertical lines from the bars. It is sad to live behind bars when you have not committed a crime, but sure makes for a nice portrait.